Public lands are essential to the Colorado way of life


With Washington failing to lead the way, we need strong leadership right here at home to protect our public lands and national monuments. Walker Stapleton wants to sell off our lands to the highest (or the lowest) bidder.

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stapleton reveals his true colors

Walker Stapleton said that the federal government should not be making determinations regarding federal public lands, defended Utah's decision to shrink public lands, and refused to say whether he would stand up to the Trump administration if they attempted to take away Colorado's public lands.

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Walker Stapleton isn't even trying to hide the fact that he is labeled, bought, and paid for by special interests.


why is walker running?

"A major reason he is running [for governor], he says, is to offer a full-throated defense of the state’s oil-and-gas industry against cities and counties that want it regulated more tightly."

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Take Action

Donald Trump, Ryan Zinke, and Walker Stapleton want to auction off Colorado to polluting special interests. Take a stand and tell them: Colorado can't be bought and sold.

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ryan zinke is selling off our public lands

"From his recent proposal to open almost all of America’s coast to offshore drilling to rolling back federal protections on national monuments, Zinke has taken extraordinary steps to make public lands more accessible to fossil fuel companies and other industries."



who does walker represent?

"He has raked in money from oil-and-gas, financial investor and real estate interests."

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